After The Presents Are Opened

It’s the day after Christmas. All of the energy, the stress the last-minute preparations are over. Photos were snapped, gifts were opened; tiny swept crumbs are all that’s left of Santa’s cookies. The trash now overflows with gift wrapping so carefully placed to adorn heartfelt, pocketbook-breaking gifts. The memories are complete, but now that it’s over, off in the distance gently knocking at your mind’s door might be the distant feel of emptiness.

The Letdown

Do you experience the after-Christmas letdown? I do. It usually takes me a week or two sometimes; it’s faster. Maybe it’s too soon today, and you are still wrapped up in the Christmas magic, the satisfaction of perfectly chosen gifts, and heartwarming thankful surprises. They say what goes up must come down. We can ride the holiday high for so long until the bills pour in and January comes, and we have the extra chores of taking it all down. It’s okay to feel that. There are high and low tides, seasons of lack and plenty, sowing and harvest in life. After the harvest, there’s a lot of work.

The Constant

God designed feasts for his people Israel. He wants us to have those celebratory times to enjoy, look forward to, and be happy for throughout the year, but those are not designed to be our constant. When He is our constant, the rest of life is easier. The more we focus on Him and the valid reason for the holidays, the less we will experience a letdown. So as you’re cleaning up from the beautiful memories you’ve made and are coming back to reality, consider the actual reason. It will steady you. This year my Christmas Poem is called “Two Lambs.” It’s an unconventional Christmas poem that mentions slaughter and blood. Maybe as we take some time to meditate on the blessing of why He came, the true joy of Christmas can elevate us at this time.

Two Lambs

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