Buried Pain

We all have it, although some of us more than others. The buried trauma that we’ve hidden to get through a tragedy, difficulty, or abuse. It’s supposed to be a temporary fix until we are in a safe place and can deal with it properly. Some never get to a safe place and continue the pattern because it’s more comfortable than facing the original. It becomes too easy to keep locked inside of us. Facing it makes us feel weak. It hurts, so we pile things on top of it, thinking it’s not affecting us. Every time we try to cover it up or build around it, the more it grows.

The Fortresses

The only way we can be truly free is to face the trauma we’ve buried that we’ve fortressed within ourselves. They dictate many of our perceptions and responses, and we often don’t recognize them. It’s when we get around others that we can see there are other ways. God can help us to face the truth of our trauma. He can free us from the kingdoms we’ve built around the pain to keep from feeling it.

The Kingdom or Prisons?

When we try to live a healthy life, every wall we’ve built around it shelters it from repair. Our automated responses grew so effective that the doors and walls shut automatically. We’ve had so much practice instantly slamming the door that we can’t keep it open long enough to face it. God knows, and He’s seen it from the moment it happened. He would love to take us by the hand and walk us out of this kingdom-turned prison.

No Problem for God

Nothing is too hard for God. He knows that we’d come to a place to face it but don’t have the strength. He’s thrilled that you are here, but not because it’s painful, not at all. He’s thrilled that we will finally turn to Him and He can heal, cleanse and set us free. Even the most complex and confusing things camouflaged and fortressed in our souls are no problem for a God. Nothing is hidden from Him. All we need to do is trust Him that it’s possible and ask for his help with the rest. As the scripture said, “I believe help my unbelief.” Don’t worry, God is gentle, powerful, and to easily navigate the intricate complexities of how we buried and kept buried our pain as we grew. If you wonder why you are overreacting to something lately, maybe it’s a result of something God can heal. He who knows us best loves us most and He specializes in the impossible. He wants our freedom, peace, joy, and health in every way, even more, than we do.

The Poem

I hope you enjoy “Buried Pain.”

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