Painful to Powerful (My Chemo Story)

we can do incredible things through God. I remember when I would have chemo for the first time. After praying, I just wanted to psych myself up for the experience. I have a friend named Annie who had gone through chemo the year before, and she told me to use chemo as an indulgence time. She brought her computer, or she brought a book, some nice, fuzzy socks, and just planned to enjoy herself in the chair. How we approach a thing that scares us will make all the difference between whether or not we get on top of that fear. I did all I could to get on top of it, and my chemo experience wasn’t bad.

My Perspective

You can go through a trial or chemo in one of two ways. Either you can be a victim of everything that’s happening to you, or you could be a victor despite what’s happening to you. How do we do that? One part is spiritual; you allow God’s spirit and word to strengthen you. And you can do a few practical things. I realized that chemo was an opportunity to kick cancer in the butt, and I asked my prayer team to pray that the chemo would attack the cancer and root it out. I thanked God that he’d been faithful in the past and that he could be faithful now.

My Armor

Thanks to this experience, I saw Ephesians 6 with a new perspective. I paid close attention to getting dressed. I realized as I pulled on my jeans and decided on my cowboy boots that I was a strong Texas woman. The armor of God protects us from those fiery darts that tell us that we deserve what’s happening to us or that this is just all part of life and we can’t do anything about it. I wrapped myself in a scarf that was a lovely gift to me. I wore my blue jeans, which (for some reason) made me feel strong too. I wore the scriptures in my soul and the attitudes in my mind that made me feel strong, just like the clothes. Clutching the gift of an insulated much that said “blessed” reminded me that I was blessed in the chemo chair, just as much as I was blessed anywhere else.

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