Christmas Faith Peace

The Troubles of a Blessed Life

Why do we think a blessed life is without pain, troubles, and trials? Blessings aren't merely physical attributes that we...
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Sent As Humble

Prayer Lord, I devote this day, this season, to you on the first day of Advent. It's a beautiful time...
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God's Help Thankfulness Thought Life

Thank You

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. The happiest people are often the most thankful. There's a reason why gratefulness exercises are so...
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Faith God's Love Prayer

Love Links

Is your heart breaking over the suffering of a loved one? Maybe your connection with them can be more of...
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God's Help Growth

Help in My Lesser Troubles

In a tragedy, it is sometimes easier to believe in God because there is no choice if you want to...
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Cancer Hope Poetry

Dear Cancer, It’s Not Over, Till It’s Over

Since childhood, I've heard the saying, "It's not over 'till it's over." I never knew how important this idea would...
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Refusing to Pretend

Some people's sense of happiness relies on the world being a cushy place; they are always miserable. That only works...
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Forgiveness Freedom Narcissist Peace Relationship

Rocky Is The Bitter Road

It's been said that bitterness or unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. This poem...
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Forgiveness God's Love grace Restoration

This Old House

Nothing is more important to God than us. He longs to restore our relationship with him and he loves to...
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Faith Finding God God's Help Growth Wisdom

Hearing God

Does it surprise you to know that God speaks to us? He does, but he doesn't come down in a...
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God's Love grace


She came on the scene when Jesus was headed off to heal a man's daughter. A lone and sickly woman...
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Hope suicide Thought Life Wisdom

Breaking Hopelessness

One of the most asked questions throughout the ages is, how can a loving God cause or allow pain and...
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Finding God

Famous Last Words

My husband and I are revisiting our wills and final wishes for that time when we leave the earth. I'm...
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Faith Growth

Open Doors and Ordered Steps

When God answers our prayers, we get an added bonus. Those answered prayers are stepping stones to building our faith....
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The Balance of Love, Actions, and Intentions

God knows our hearts; he sees and appreciates our intentions, but he makes it clear that there is a difference...
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A Psalm for Today

“Be still, and know that I am God.Psalm 46:10
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Fear Finding God Forgiveness God's Help God's Love


Shame and guilt are some of the most toxic emotions we can hold. They are tormenting, and though we hide...
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Cancer Forgiveness Freedom Wisdom

The Antivenom (Rocky is the Bitter Road)

If you live long enough and are unfortunate enough to be in a relationship or have dealings with a toxic...
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Courage Fear

Fearful and Courageous

Did you know that you can be terrified and courageous simultaneously? We are courageous when we can hardly breathe, our...
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Anxiety Faith Fear grace Growth Peace

Parenting Our Human Soul

The word "trigger" or its variations is used more than ever; it's never a good thing. We have so much...
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