The kings of the Bible used psalms, songs, and poetry to worship, meditation, praise, lament, heartbreak, prayer, and commune with God. These poems flow to and from my heart, mind, and spirit while I’m with God. Some are born, while I’m praying for others. Many are from my first book of poems, called “Everyday Matters” (No longer in print), which I published in 2005.

I’ve recently picked up the poetry quill and will be publishing a new book soon. I pray the fruit of verse born from my struggles, honesty, and prayer can reveal the dimensions of an unfathomable and loving God.

With Love and Joy,


When you click the title of a poem, it may bring you to a blog entry. The poem is at the bottom of the page of the blog entry.

He Speaks (Poems that might reflect the heart of God)

Creation Speaks (Appreciating God’s brilliance and messages within nature)

Cancer (A few poems written within or for the cancer journey)

Times, Seasons, & Holidays (Poems of celebration and reflection)

Prodigal Journeys (Musings within human nature and God’s supernatural love.

Love & Friendship (Matters of the heart)

  • Love is a Verb
  • What Love Is*
  • Just Another Mountain
  • Grip of Love
  • Forgiven?
  • Like Jesus
  • Farewell Friend
  • Far Above Rubies (Proverbs 31)*
  • Newlywed’s Song
  • Anniversary Poem

Family & Children (Poems about family)

  • Touch of Heaven
  • My Father
  • Forgiven
  • Prayer for my Child
  • The Blessings
  • Precious Pearl
  • Mommy, Do You Love Me?
  • My Son Samuel (On Adoption)

Encouragement (Walking through the darkness)

Life With A Narcissist (Dealing with this is hard, the truth is good start.)

God & His Servants (The challenges of a calling, the heart of a servant)

Death & Beyond (That subject few want to deal with but one we all must face. )

Suicide (Click Here)