Us and Ours

I’m the wife of an intelligent, determined, and successful man who won’t be defined by a disability. Since 1988, we have moved over 14 times living in various places, among multiple cultures, and we even spent three years living in Europe with our children. We co-raised music producer, engineer, and film music director Chase Ryan. His website is We also raised “Insatiable” by Netflix actress, who some know from Disney Channel’s Jessie and Suite Life on Deck, Debby Ryan. Her site is

Stage 4 Breast Cancer

In 2014, I was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive, Stage 4 Breast Cancer. We kept this a secret, from over 15 million fans so my kids and our family could deal with it privately. We went through great lengths (even freezing my skull during chemo) to keep it quiet until now. I recently celebrated my 5th year in “NED” No Evidence of Disease” status. I needed (and still need) the courage, help, & faith to face this disease head-on. I started this site is to encourage others who are going through difficult times. Sign up for my blog, “A Cup of Courage,” an honest account of my weaknesses and how God gives me the courage to face my challenges. It’s also an opportunity for others to chime in on what helps them too. God wants us to encourage one another.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

My Stage 5

I’ve been writing and directing skits, plays, and putting on productions since childhood. It began with adapting storybooks to star my dolls, toys, and pets in my livingroom productions. It morphed into recruiting younger kids as my “stars”. I wrote, produced, and directed for various volunteer organizations, and my kid’s schools too. When Chase and Debby became industry professionals, I dipped my toes in the water of professional productions. I filmed and directed BTS videos, and produced a music video for Disney TV movies such as Radio Rebel and 16 Wishes. I pitched characters for and consulted on the crew and cast decisions for Disney’s hit show, Jessie. I served as Executive Producer on indie film, “Jessica Darling’s It List.” Together with my kids, I formed Debby Ryan Inc, Ryan Group Entertainment, and co-founded Shadowborn Productions, and Ryan River/Chase Ryan Music. Facing death showed me should use my creativity to help and encourage others. There’s so much more to come, this is just the start. I’m so glad you’ve come to join me in this stage, my Stage 5!