• Conflicting Voices
    Today we look at two Old Testament kings who say they want the truth, but one proves it. What happens when one was faced with the truth and insisted on believing the lie? Every time we go online, we’re inundated with vicious fights over conflicting […]
  • A Change in Power
    If we want to one day hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” we need to build God’s kingdom first in our lives and then our sphere of influence. A king develops a reputation from his first, decisive actions when he takes the […]
  • The Gift of A Story
    The Creator of the Creative The phrase, “You are the man” has been a statement of praise. In 1 Samuel, those very words were a punishing kick in the pants to an ancient king. God is the creator of creativity. Throughout the Bible, God used […]
  • The Travesty of Judgement
    Don’t you hate being judged? God has been working this out in me for quite some time. Others don’t always understand my heart. In part, because my personality can be a lot. I am comforted by reading examples of great men and women of God […]
  • Idol Pain
    When I hear the word “idolatry” I think of the ancient pagan practices of human sacrifice. I’m also reminded of God’s warnings and commands in the Bible like Exodus 20:3. It made the top of the top 10. We worship idols today, but they aren’t […]

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