• Filter of Brokeness
    A while back, as I was attempting to organize thousands of photos, I stopped at one. As I studied the person in it, a flood of pain with an extra side of guilt hit me. I asked myself why I couldn’t see it then; this […]
  • The Pretty Front
    Thanks to big tech and covid, most of our human interactions are through social media platforms. Unfortunately, the screen and type provide a barrier allowing us to put up a pretty front and hide who we are and what’s going on. Social media is excellent […]
  • The Impossible Thing
    It’s all about that thing, you know that impossible thing in your life. It mockingly reminds you that you are powerless against its control. You’ve begun to feel that the pain, confusion, oppression is your lot in life. It might even tell you that you […]
  • Serpent vs Dove (Toxic Relationships)
    Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves Deep inside of me lurks a mercy gift that I have cursed more than once. I empathize with others easily. This feeds into my tendency to fight for underdogs, cheer the cheerless, trust too easily, and too much […]
  • Money, Power, and Fame (Toxic People)
    I’ve experienced it before, but never so great then when I was in Hollywood, trying to guide and protect my young daughter. People are wily and manipulative. A strong relationship becomes a target for those who want control. There are many reasons why people want […]

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