• The Heavenly Hope of Loved Ones Gone
    This year my beautiful mother-in-law Selah will spend her first Christmas with the King of Kings. I can’t imagine how amazing this first Christmas with Jesus will be for her. I got the treasure of her Bible after she passed. Her favorite translation in my […]
  • A Little Help From My Friends
    Problems come in all shapes and sizes, and no one has a hardship immunity. Like many people reading this, I’ve had family members (including myself) and loved ones fighting for their lives from cancer, covid, and other serious or hopeless conditions. Hardships can be a […]
  • Be of Good Cheer – Calming Troubled Hearts
    How can we be blessed, calm, and even joyful, even if it feels like our world is falling apart? These are the times that test our faith, but it’s for these times that we are given it. God never promised us a perfect life, but […]
  • The Grabber & the Drama Queen
    If you’ve never seen the outtake from the comedy “Liar Liar” with Swoosie Kurtz and Jim Carrey, click here. Jim Carrey’s over-the-top, dramatic response to mild issues makes him hilarious. Have you ever overreacted, realizing after that you were almost comical in your response? Overacting or overreacting isn’t […]
  • Cancer & Candidates
    We are on the eve of the most polarizing U.S. election that I’ve ever experienced. Those on each side fear a tragic outcome if their candidate doesn’t win. They say never discuss religion or politics, but God cares about politics too. If God keeps track […]

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