The kings of the Bible used psalms, songs, and poetry as a vulnerable and elegant form of worship, meditation, praise, lament, heartbreak, and prayer. My poems below are born from time spent with God in good and bad times. Some poems become messages I write when I’m praying for someone else. Many are from my first book of poems called, “Everyday Matters”, (No longer in print) that I published in 2005.

I’ve recently picked up my poetry quill and will be publishing a new book soon. I pray the fruit, born from my struggles and prayer can open and reveal for your dimensions of an unfathomable and loving God as they did for me.

With Love and Joy,


  • The links to the poems are found at the bottom of my weekly blog entries. When you click on the title of a poem below, it will bring you to a blog. Arrow down to the bottom of the blog entry to find the poem.

He Speaks

  • Know My Mind
  • The Crossroads
  • Call to Me*
  • Things Happen*
  • Choose
  • The Valley
  • Goodbye Mountain, Hello Valley
  • Win the War (On Vulnerability)
  • Sickness
  • What God Wants
  • The Truth
  • Crooked Places*
  • The Ark
  • Anyone
  • The Sky
  • Dreams, Destiny, and Power

Creation Speaks

  • The Little Things
  • Consider the BIrds
  • Lift Your Eyes*
  • Crumbling Works
  • The Clay
  • Welcome the Rain
  • Walking on Water
  • Why is the World this Way?
  • Victory’s Key
  • The Fruitful Tree
  • Dare to be Different
  • Beauty

Times, Seasons, & Holidays

  • Winter
  • Then Comes Spring
  • The Song of Spring
  • Pilgrim’s Prayer
  • Palm Sunday
  • Passover, God’s Liberal Grace*
  • The Fire Fell (Pentecost)
  • The Birthday Wish
  • In Freedom’s Name
  • Did We Forget?
  • Holy Reign (Why Vote?)
  • Freedom Rings
  • Holocaust
  • The Holy Sound
  • Winter’s Shroud
  • The Greatest Gift
  • The Christmas Gift

Prodigal Journeys

  • Desire Changes
  • Step by Step (On Deliverance and Freedom)
  • Prodigal Song
  • Helpless
  • My Demise (A Fallen Shepherd)
  • Try Again
  • Mercy Flows
  • Deliverance Song
  • Pressure to Glory
  • Captivity Held Captive

Love & Friendship

  • Love is a Verb
  • What Love Is*
  • Just Another Mountain
  • Grip of Love
  • Forgiven?
  • Like Jesus
  • Farewell Friend
  • Far Above Rubies (Proverbs 31)*
  • Newlywed’s Song
  • Anniversary Poem

Family & Children

  • Touch of Heaven
  • My Father
  • Forgiven
  • Prayer for my Child
  • The Blessings
  • Precious Pearl
  • Mommy, Do You Love Me?
  • My Son Samuel (On Adoption)


God & His Servants

  • Stammering Lips (Moses)
  • Grace Fills the Gap
  • Humbled by You*
  • New Song (Adapted from Psalm 149)*
  • The Call at Horeb*
  • Cross in My Path*
  • The Lighthouse*

Wisdom & Direction

Death & Beyond

  • Good and Faithful
  • The Good Fight
  • Goodbye Mother
  • Time to Wait?
  • Meet Me in Heaven
  • Where the Sun Never Sets
  • Live Though We Die*
  • Faithful Servant